Smooth Stones ~ Clouds in Sky ~ River Water

by HeatherAthebyne

image ©2022 HeatherAthebyne
image ©2022 HeatherAthebyne
formerly Cape Cod Shawl by Pattern Paradise
G hook
Notes Started 2017-09-27
Yarn used
Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets 490 Treadsoft (980 yards)

Project journal

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2022-08-07 13:39:53 UTC

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Revisiting this one. This yarn looks fantastic in the Cape Cod Shawl's shell pattern, but I'm not thrilled with the shallowness of the shawl. I'd like to do more of a semicircle. I've caked the second skein, and will work off of that before undoing the first shawlette.

2018-03-02 13:34:31 UTC

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Cold crystal river

Backbone of stone, sun rays thrown

With gentle laughter

Superwash Merino

This has been my travel project for a while, but I'm not traveling a whole lot and I'm kind of bored with the project. I'm almost finished with the first skein, so I will stop there and add a silk lace edging to make this a shawlette.