Intarsia Cauldron Holder Complete

by Nyssareen

image ©2021 Nyssareen
image ©2021 Nyssareen
Cauldron Holder
Size 9 needles, Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Black Currant, Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Hot Purple, Peaches & Cream Black
I came up with this pattern and made it for a FiberKind Wizarding School class and decided to post the pattern along with my pictures. I've made it, but it has not been tested or even tried by anyone else. If you have any questions or problems with it, feel free to ask me!

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2021-05-31 22:16:38 UTC

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Yarn A - Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in Black Currant and Hot Purple (hold one strand of each together)

Yarn B - Peaches & Cream - Black (hold two strands together)


K - Knit

P - Purl

A - Use yarn A

B - Use yarn B

CO - Cast On using your preferred method

CO 29 sts using A (hold one strand of each color, if you are using a single color, hold two strands of it together)

Top Border: With yarn A, work in seed stitch (K1, P1 across, ending with K1) for first 5 rows Work K1, P1, K1 for first and last 3 sts of every row with A

1) P23A

2) K23A

3) P23A

4) K6A, K2B, K7A, K2B, K6A

5) P6A, P2B, P7A, P2B, P6A

6) K7A, K2B, K5A, K2B, K7A

7) P7A, P2B, P5A, P2B, P7A

8) K6A, K11B, K6A

9) P6A, P11B, P6A

10) K5A, K13B, K5A

11) P5A, P13B, P5A

12) K4A, K15B, K4A

13) P4A, P15B, P4A

14) K3A, K17B, K3A

15) P3A, P17B, P3A

16) K3A, K17B, K3A

17) P3A, P17B, P3A

18) K3A, K17B, K3A

19) P3A, P17B, P3A

20) K3A, K17B, K3A

21) P3A, P17B, P3A

22) K3A, K17B, K3A

23) P3A, P17B, P3A

24) K4A, K15B, K4A

25) P4A, P15B, P4A

26) K5A, K13B, K5A

27) P5A, P13B, P5A

28) K6A, K11B, K6A

29) P6A, P11B, P6A

30) K3A, K17B, K3A

31) P3A, P17B, P3A

32) K23A

33) P23A

34) K23A

Bottom Border: With yarn A, work in seed stitch (K1, P1 across, ending with K1) for last 5 rows.

Bind off and weave in all ends.